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The Last of Us

There are lots of words that could be used to describe The Last of Us, and I’ve decided to go with “bloody brilliant”. “Brilliant” has us covered for quality, because The Last of Us is undoubtedly high quality from start to finish. It’s not just brilliant. It’s really, really brilliant, which gets us to the adjective “bloody”.

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Inferno by Dan Brown

I’ll start with the disclaimers: yes, Dan Brown books have an inherent shitness to them. I could make a bunch of points about the specifics of this, but this guy has already done it in a much funnier way than I could ever hope to do.

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Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

Summer Knight is the fourth book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, starring the only wizard with an advert in the Yellow Pages, Harry Dresden. Much of what I’ve written in my previous reviews applies here, and my recommendation isn’t going to be much different than my recommendation for those three books. But if you want a specific review, fine, read on.

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